Paint Effects

Paint Effects or 'Specialist Paint Finishes' generally mean anything other than a flat painted finish.

My Paint Effects and specialist paint finishes are often bespoke, with each finish created specifically for the client.

This includes Specialist Paint Finishes such as dragging, colourwashing, stippling, graining, stone blocking and marbling. I offer all of these Specialist Painting techniques together with contemporary pearlescent, metallic painted, distressed and textured finishes. Snakeskin and other leather finishes, industrial trowelled finishes, high gloss lacquered finishes and metal leaf.

Multiple surface finishes.

Bespoke paint effects-Siim Form

Photographic backdrop.

Distressed Gold.

Cracked gold paint effect

Aged paint effect cornice and walls

Wall Stencil paint finish.

Distressed panel and plaster.

Stencilled Floor.

Aged paint effect.

Aged effect detail.

Distressed plaster finish.

Textured colour wash

Distemper ceiling and cornice

Textured wall finish.

Blue wall room.

Blue wall.

Metallic suede effect.

Irridescent copper effect.

Faux antique panelling

Shabby chic panelling

Pearlescent wall finish.

Pearlescent wall finish.

Distressed paint finish.

Distressed wall effect.

silver leaf ceiling.

Antiqued silver paint effect.

Silver leaf furniture (detail)

Silver leaf furniture.

Silver drag and metal.

Cross drag paint effect.

Cross drag paint effect.

Aged walls paint effect.

Antique paint effect.

Antique paint effect.

Pearlescent finish.

Textured silver paint effect.

Irridescent pearl finish.

Paint restoration. Before.

Paint restoration. After.

Gold leaf inserts.


Fireplace feature wall.